A Wedding Gift from the Heart

photoFor wedding gift ideas I usually stick to the basics, follow the wedding registry that is provided. But when I found out my best friend was getting married I knew I wanted to give her and her husband a gift that would be unique, from the heart, and something they would love for years to come.

I was inspired by a Pinterest post of a DIY gift idea for both bride and groom called a, “met, engaged, and married map”.  (Posted by Gail Mayes)

This displayed the exact spots in which the couple first met, got engaged, and finally wed in a three section picture frame. I thought this was a great idea that would be personal to them both, and that they could debut in their new home.

It was a very simple DIY project that was a huge hit!

I purchased the frame from Michael’s that was already pre-matted. I chose to display the three locations vertically, but you could do it horizontally as well.

I used google maps for the locations, and printed each out on tan stained parchment paper for a more antiqued look. It also looks cute if you use actual maps for each location, I just knew the antique look would better fit their home decor.

I used heart stickers over the exact locations that the couple met, got engaged, and were wed but I also saw people draw a heart around where the couple met, a ring around where they were engaged, and two joining circles where they were wed. (I thought this was a really cute idea too.)

I hand wrote “met”, “engaged”, and “married” on the matte under each appropriate map. If your handwriting is not the best I would encourage using stencils, or sticker letters.

And there you go! Your gift is personal, from the heart, and on a dime! Just the way I like it!


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