Secret Family Recipe

You are probably expecting a delicious homemade lasagna or a bowl of chili that was passed down from generations but this just isn’t that type of post. This secret family recipe is all about the manicure. More specifically how we make our ‘done at home’ manicures last 6 + days. Shocking I know! This recipe was developed by our mom and I can say that I have been using it for the last few years with great success. So do you want in on this secret? Great! Mom gave permission to share so here we go…


This recipe only has four steps. (I purchased all of these products at Ulta but see they are also available on Amazon.)

1) Nail Tek- I use Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy as it is for soft peeling nails, which I tend to have. However, there is an entire line to choose from so select the one that works best for you.

2) Polish- I am a big Essie fan but you can use what ever brand you prefer. Here I put on two coats for full and even coverage.

3) Orly Bonder– This helps the polish and top coat stick to the nail. I really think this is the key to the manicure’s longevity. They recommend using it as a base coat but mom swears it works better in between the polish and top coat. (Mom knows best!)

4) Sally Hansen Mega Shine- This product is true to its name, it gives the nails a glass like coating that rivals that of the professionals.

Let dry for approximately an hour and that’s it! So now are you ready for the photographic proof? Please don’t judge too harshly on my terrible iphone photos, old lady looking hands or my sub-par talent at painting.

Day 1

Day 1- You can see the Mega Shine in the photo on the right, love it!

Week 1Week 1- This was exactly 6 days later. Amazing right?! I am not easy on my nails (like most) I love to cook, I have to clean up after a toddler and I am a big fan of DIY projects so this manicure takes a beating.

In full disclosure there is some wearing/chipping starting to happen on my pinky nail and you can certainly see some growth at the cuticle. But I am lucky if I make it 2 days without chipping when using just use polish and a top coat and here they look great after 6.

So, don’t you agree this is one amazing secret family recipe? Thanks Mom!


2 responses to “Secret Family Recipe

  1. I just did my nails yesterday afternoon (the old fashioned way) and I’ve got chipping already! Definitely going to use this trick! Thanks for sharing Niki, I’ve all but given up nail polish but now you’ve given me hope!

  2. I had a chance to purchase the products (with the exception of the Sally Hansen Mega Shine, I bought the Orly High Shine) and it does work — I get about 3 days out of my french mani but I’m really, really hard on my mani’s (lots of hand washing and pot scraping with nails!). This is MUCH better than any other mani I’ve done which usually lasts 24 hours! Thanks for the tips, I adore all the products (particularly the one’s with the rubber tops, what a great idea!. Thanks Niki XOXO

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