I hope you will all bear with me as I am about to share the details of L’s Halloween costume. Yes, I know Halloween was last week and this post will not be helpful for another 360-ish days but she looked so cute I just have to share.


We end each day with a family reading session in L’s room and most recently one of her favorite books has been Madeline. It seemed like a simple enough costume to recreate, blue coat, white gloves, yellow hat. And I am a big fan of simple homemade Halloween costumes!


I decided to make the costume out of fleece to keep our little one warm while trick or treating. For supplies I bought two yards of blue fleece, 1/4 yard of white fleece, white and blue thread, red ribbon, black ribbon, two black buttons, a hat and spray paint. For the base of the costume I simply traced one of her current dresses. Then I sewed the two sides together and added two big black buttons.


Next up was the cape. I cut a large circle from the blue fleece, cut a slit and then a small circle for her head. I sewed on a white-collar and added red ribbon to tie it together.


For the hat I found a cowboy hat at the party store, spray painted it yellow and added a black ribbon. As a final touch I traced L’s hands to make white mittens. I topped it off with white socks and black mary Jane shoes.


I would say the project took a total of 3 hours, but if you are a more experienced sewer you would certainly finish sooner. Even though I am a self-taught, inexperienced seamstress I am so happy with the results and think our Madeline was just adorable.


Just for fun lets take a look at L’s other costumes.

2013- Sous Chef (she wore this costume to school this year)

sous chef

2012- Olivia (also a homemade costume of the simplest kind. We used a red dress, stripped leggings and black Mary Jane shoes. The only part I had to make was the collar and ears.)


2011- Skeleton (she was just a month old and wore a festive onesie and pumpkin hat.)


Thank you for humoring me while I shared my little Madeline. Perhaps this post will inspire some to create a homemade costume of their own, or a dress up outfit but if nothing else you got to see a few adorable photos.


6 responses to “Madeline

  1. I love the Madeline costume and am going to attempt to make it for my granddaughter this year. Can I really trace around one of her dresses and just sew the two sides together? I thought sleeves had to be put in separately. Any further info on the actual sewing?

    • I wouldn’t say my method is ‘correct’ but it did work for me! You are right that typically the sleeves are sewed on separately. However, I just needed this for one night so I went for a simple approach.

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