Play Kitchen for L

DSC_0160So I built L a play kitchen for her second birthday (way back in September). With a mother as passionate about cooking as I am L needed something fun, creative and unique (read a plastic kitchen will not do). While doing research I found plenty of contenders but none that fit my budget. I had seen several DIY kitchens and thought, what do I have to loose?

photo 2

I found this beauty at Goodwill for $6.99. I sent the picture to P and not surprisingly he was less than thrilled with this idea, but left me to my devises (looking at it now I get what he saw). In it’s past life it was a TV stand but I saw a ‘stainless’ double oven, white cabinet play kitchen. So I got to work.

photo 1I started by removing the swivel top, taking the bottom doors off and turning them in to oven doors and sanded the whole thing down. I added wooden handles as movable oven knobs, cabinet hardware as oven handles, a cheap faucet and stainless bowl as the sink.

DSC_0133Then I taped off the two separate sides and painted half white and the other half silver. The inside got a coat of mint green paint for an added surprise. I then sewed the panels and stapled them in place.

On one side I added a larger handle to be used as a towel rack… and of course had to make a matching dish towel.

DSC_0137For the burners I bought needle point hoops and added mint paint to the top to add some more contrast.


L is a lucky lady and received a fully stocked kitchen from her aunt Little. (everything but the mixer is from Melissa and Doug)

Total I spent approximately $75 on the project. Yes P, I could have bought a plastic kitchen for less but I am so in love with this kitchen that I would gladly spend more. And the best part is that L loves it too.
Next up I have dreams of an addition which includes a fridge with a magnetic front and a fun vintage phone. Let’s see if I can make that happen!


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