Holiday Cards

So is anyone else a slacker like me and not yet ordered your holiday cards? For the past few years I have tried to stay ahead of the game with all things Christmas related but the cards always fall to the bottom of the list. Yet, I really love having them printed so regardless of how late they may be I finally ordered  ours tonight.

I had a $20 off with Shutterfly from Target so the vendor was easily selected. The photo on the other hand was a challenge. In October we worked with our favorite photographer for our annual family photo shoot and I loved almost everyone one of the photos from that session.  In the end, here is what I came up with…


In a few days they will be in my mailbox ready to be addressed and mailed… just in time for Christmas.

And just for fun, here is our card from 2012. I made this one in powerpoint and printed them on cardstock. The photos are also courtesy Amy Aiello.

holiday-card-2After looking at them both it appears we are a kissy family. Hey, who knew? So, do you do Christmas cards? Or New Year cards? Do you make your own or hire out?


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