The Year in Color: Revlon + Glamour – I’m fancy!

So a brief disclaimer: I’m not the girliest of the three sisters. I’m not even the second girliest. Not that any of us are in love with the color pink or shoes or … um … ok, I’m seriously at a loss for what girly-girls like. Pajama parties? Anyhow, I just wanted to lay it out there: I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to playing the role of the fairer sex.


Photo by Jodi McKee

BUT! Somehow I wrangled an invite to Revlon + Glamour magazine’s fall fashion event featuring the newest line of colors for Revlon. And in SoHo no less. And by “somehow” I mean my super-internet-famous friend, Jodi (4 million followers on Pinterest … seriously? Girl, you crazy) was invited and asked for an extra ticket for her baby-blogger friend.

So after work, we scarf down a bacon burger and some fries and head to the crazy chic gallery space listed on our invitation. It’s looking gorgeous: completely decked out in lights and color and music. We check in, I look around, and immediately begin kicking myself for not putting on even a bit of additional effort when getting ready that morning. My hair is frizzy and unwashed, and after the brief autumnal showers that morning, resembling a brillo pad even more than usual. I had put on my standard powder and mascara, but after 10 hours of commuting and working and living, not much of it remained. Oh, Middle. What did you expect? An exclusive fashion event? Nah, you’ll fit right in after a typical day of work.


Photo by Jodi McKee

All I can say is thank god for the statuesque waiters (I swear to you, they must have hired male models to work this party) serving bubbly beverages and charming us all. A couple of glasses of champagne + pomegranate juice later and I’m feeling much more at ease.


Photos by Jodi McKee

We quickly find Alex, a brilliant stylist blogger who was the kind soul behind Jodi and my invitation. She’s looking adorable with very non-brillo-like curly hair, sweet nerdy-chic glasses, and a gorgeous dress fit for such an event. In short, she’s exactly what I hope to look like on my best days. And she’s the nicest person to boot! We talk about Arizona (where she’s from), and how my Little sister just moved there, and about what a great resource Pinterest is. She asks about what I do and tells me all about being a stylist and a new mom. Just charming.


After warming up I a bit and starting to feel myself, I get the courage to take advantage of the perks of being invited to such an event: not only did the party feature great conversation and cocktails, but also booths to get a makeover and manicure! Thank god. Sweet redemption! I immediately put my name in for both. Less than 15 minutes later, I’m in the hot seat. The kind lady in charge of make-up sweetly asks what I typically do. I sheepishly reply “not much” and she smiles and suggests a coral palette that’s subtle but fresh. I quickly agree (nothing is stranger than going from no make up – like ever – to pageant-ready). 

A couple of quick brush strokes and voila! A fresher more tidy looking Middle. **Sigh** SO much better.


Photos by Jodi McKee

Now, I’m not all about hawking products, but the colors that I saw at the event were very cute and I was definitely excited to take a few of them home (gotta love swag!). And not that I am trying to sound big-headed (I assure you, I’m not), BUT just look at that before and after! The result is pretty and simple and looks like maybe I’m just naturally that  glow-y. And who doesn’t want that?


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