Pumpkin Painting

front step

Do you believe we are more than halfway through October? (I better get cracking on L’s costume! ) To continue with my Halloween theme, I am back with a (simple) holiday craft for the little ones.
L is still too small to carve pumpkins but loves to mess around with finger paints. So we decided to paint pumpkins this year.


To play along you will need a pumpkin, painters tape, brushes and paint (we used washable finger paint). We cleaned our pumpkin and taped it off with an ‘L’ for baby big girl L.  Then we let her at it with all the paint she could handle. This actually kept her busy for about 30 minutes which is amazing in toddler land. Then we waited…. until the pumpkin was dry and we could remove the tape.

finish Our little pumpkin is now proudly displayed on the front step with the rest of our holiday decor.

See, I told you this was simple but hopefully it will inspire you to have fun decorating your pumpkins this year. Or at the very least I have given you a way to enjoy 30 minutes of freedom whiles your kiddos are occupied. You’re welcome.


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