Ombre Necklace


Ombre Ombre Ombre!!! I am currently obsessed with all things ombre! Ombre clothing, ombre interior design, ombre hair (even though it’s getting out of style for some, I cant get enough of it) and even ombre jewelry! I think you get the point…..(maybe?) That being said ombre is the inspiration for this post (as well as a birthday gift and a tight budget) and I hope the inspiration for your future necklace creations!

Last month I found myself in a bit of a predicament. It was oldest’s 30th birthday and we were throwing her an extravagant birthday bash filled with beer tasting throughout the city of Chicago. Since you know I am from Arizona, I was on a bit of a budget after paying for a flight home, contributing to the bash, and buying myself and my lovely oldest sister as many drinks at the bar as I could feed her… what else are little sisters for?? With that being said I wanted to get her a wonderful gift, that was from the heart, but easy on my wallet.

Contemplating what to get her I realized one thing that every girl needs, and can never get enough of, which is jewelry. Since I feel a necklace is a must for every outfit, as it dresses it up or dresses it down, I figured that would be the route I would go for her gift.

I found my inspiration at Express. I saw this beautiful ombre stacked necklace that I knew she would love.. because of course I loved it! As I was about to purchase it I saw the price tag… with that being said I reverted to my crafty skills and realized I could make her one just like this, if not better!

To create this necklace you will need:

  • 3 shades of the same color clay to create the ombre pendants.

*The Clay I chose was FIMO Effect by Staedtler. I chose this brand as it was the least expensive and offered the largest selection of colors to choose from. I purchased this at Michaels.*


  • Circular hooks and a necklace chain.

*I went with bead landing silver chains and hooks but you can go with any size, shape, color, or length that you like.*


  • An oven (set at 230 degrees F)
  • A butter knife

*To create the shape of the clay*

  • Fork

*To make the wholes in each pendent. Any pointer will work, its just what I had in my apartment.*

  • Wire cutters

*Needed to open and close the hooks for the necklace.

  • Baking sheet

Now that we have everything lets make the necklace!

Pre Step 1:

Start by preheating your oven to 230 degrees F.

Step 1:

Now we will begin making our necklace!

Start with the darkest color clay. Roll it out about 3” in length. (Make sure they are not too thick, as the hooks will not be able to close around it)

Step 2:

Bend the clay in the middle to create a V. I then used the knife to create a flat edge.

Do the same with the middle color, and then the lightest color.

Step 3:

At this point they are all the same size. You want to now place all three V’s together and cut each edge on an inward angle. This will ensure that all the edges match up.

Step 4:

Next take your fork and create the holes that will hook the pendants together. Place two holes on each edge for each pendant. (Make sure they are not to close to the edge, as the pendants will break)


Step 5:

Place all three pieces on the baking sheet and place them in the oven for 30 mins. Then allow them to stand for 10 mins.


Step 6:

Now you will hook all three pieces together. I used a total of three hooks between each pendant, but you can use however many you want to create the length that you would like. To open and close the hooks use the wire cutters.

Step 7:

Last hook on the chain and there you go, you have created your very own ombre necklace!



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