I can’t begin to tell you the number of times we’ve been asked if we’re actually sisters. Like full sisters? Like, raised together? Really?? I used to find it slightly complimentary. Not that I didn’t love my sisters (I did! … mostly). It’s just that as a teenager I wanted to be seen as my own independent (and totally awesome) person. And with the three of us, that was never a problem: there were multiple times when we were asked by a disbelieving acquaintance to show ID to prove it. But now that we’re older and I have come to realize how amazingly cool my sisters are, I get kind of annoyed when people insist that we must be pulling their leg. It’s not that we just don’t look alike (we don’t) it’s that everything about our interests and personalities are different. For example, when out shopping every item of clothing falls into one of 4 categories: Oldest’s style, Middle’s style, Little’s style, or OMG-burn it. And, in my humble but totally right opinion, this is the best! It’s not that we don’t like what each other likes, or recognize it as cool and interesting, it’s just that we fall into different categories … of life. And this works to our advantage. Ever wonder how to bake an amazing cookie? Call Oldest! Wondering what’s the best layout for that invitation you’re designing? Call Middle! Need some advice on where to find cool but affordable accessories? Little’s your gal!

So we thought … wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a sister to call when they needed advice on something?? And behold! A blog where we post what we talk about when we call each other. Strap in. This could get weird.


The Oldest

oldest family

Hello! I am the oldest of the sister’s running this little blog, which by definition means I am the best. I recently hit the big 3-0 milestone and am loving this point in life. I live in the Midwest where I commute into the city during the day to work my corporate job before racing sitting in gobs of traffic in an attempt to reach my home in the burbs. I have been married to my husband for 6+ years (known as P) and together we have the cutest 2 year old little girl on the planet (L) and our 10 year-old-boxer, Maggie. We bought our little colonial 3 years ago in our dream neighborhood. The house was a rental and needs a lot of TLC but we are taking our time to make it perfect (for us). During my free time (what free time you might ask?) I run my small catering business (feel free to check out my other blog, Three Square) and sleep (when I can get it). I also love boating, skiing, reading, gardening, eating, drinking coffee, traveling, drinking craft beer, shopping, DIYing… oh, to have more time in my day, but I digress. On this blog you will mainly find me focused on budget friendly home décor, food and family related topics, but I guess that is not surprising. Regardless, thank you for stopping by our small corner of the blogesphere! Please pull up a chair, grab a mug of coffee and stay a while.

The Middle

Profile Picture 2

Well, hello there. I am the middle sister. But you know what they say: First is the worst. Second is the best! Third is the one with the … Well, let’s keep this PC (Sorry about your hair issues, Little … I hear they have laser removal options now). A bit about me: It all started long, long ago when our parents realized that they could probably do better and decided to have me. How right they were! I was a charming, sweet, adorable little girl (**cough**) who loved puzzles, coloring, reading, Legos, and really everything a stereotypical middle child would like. And to be honest, not much has changed. I still like puzzles (anybody else with a crippling need to play Candy Crush every 5 seconds? No? Me neither …), coloring (more Adobe Creative Suite, less Rescue Rangers coloring books), reading, and Legos (well … I like building stuff, though perhaps not so much with tiny plastic blocks anymore). In fact, I decided to make a career of it! I recently graduated from my dream school with a Masters in Architecture and immediately moved to NYC (literally two days after I defended my thesis). I now share a spacious 350 square foot apartment with my boyfriend, A, in Manhattan. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be commenting on in my posts. Most likely it will have something to do with design, hopefully it will be entertaining, and more often than not, chock-full of terrible puns. If you want to get a feel for what you have to look forward to, check out my DIY blog, Construction Documents. I’d also like to document my favorite geeky things (any GoT fans? Who-vians?) and interesting things I’ve found since moving to the North East. Let’s just see where it takes us!

The Little

laura profile

Hello, I am little!

Growing up in our loving, yet occasionally hormonal family (due to too many females under one roof), we all strived to prove to each other that we were not as crazy as the next. (Though lets face it, oldest and middle definitely were). Out of the three I have been the fashionable, witty, entertaining, “wild child” who could never sit still… but definitely not crazy. This motto has carried on throughout my life, as I have been a bit of an A.D.D. nomad in my adult years. Three years ago I received my degree in Elementary Education. After graduating I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach in Germany. (no, I don’t speak German.. I cheated and lived on an American Army Base.) After packing my bags and moving across the world I traveled and taught and loved every minute of it. After six months, the internship was over and I moved back home, but only to quickly pack my bags and move to Arizona on a bit of a whim to enter the business world.

With moving around from town to town, state to state, and country to country, I have lived in a new place every year, worked in various fields, and have met and made many friends along the way. This being said I am constantly redecorating and reorganizing, going to/throwing bachelorette parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and house warming parties, all on a budget. This is my life and this is what I plan to blog about, while of course adding in any other fun things I see or create along the way.. (that’s the A.D.D. again). I must also add that this is my first blog, and though I am horrified I will be like our loving, yet technologically challenged mother, G, I will do my best to learn more about the “blog-sphere” while (attempting to) keep each of my posts entertaining, educational, and budget friendly. They will all of course be better then my sisters, thus ensuring that though I may be last born, our parents stopped on the third child for a reason.. they reached perfection.


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