Halloween Decor

P and I are neat, clutter free people by nature so decorating for holidays has never really been our thing. I should say never was our thing, until L came along. She brings new meaning and excitement to each holiday. There is something so magical about witnessing a new experience or special occasion through the eyes of a kid. So while we still do not go all out, our entry way did get a spooky makeover just in time for Halloween.

Entry Before Collage


halloween entry 1

I picked up all of the supplies at the dollar store and spent a total of $17.

halloween entry5

I bought a few black birds, two rats, a light up skull, glittery pumpkin, a few spiders, spider web candy bowl, rat silhouette and black gauze.

halloween entry 2

I replaced most of our standard art work with free printables I found via pinterest.
You can find the original sources here, here herehereherehere and here.

halloween entry3

For the spider web wreath I used an old wreath I had and wrapped it with white yarn to make the web. I then wrapped the entire thing is a sheet of the black gauze and hot glued on a spider. The whole thing took me 5 minutes tops but I am super happy with the result.

halloween entry4

And that wraps up the tour of our simple haunted entry.
Every time L walks into the space she squeals with delight at a detail she hadn’t noticed before, so I rate this project as a success!

Happy Halloween [Decorating]!


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